Business Card Magnet Sheets

Making your own business card magnets is easy with our adhesive faced business card magnet sheets. Our magnets have a release liner over the adhesive that peels off to allow you to adhere your own business card to the magnet. These are great for giving to your clients because they will have your contact information handy, right on their fridge or filing cabinet. The business card magnets are one of the most popular items we sell.

The adhesive business card magnets come two ways: loose cut pieces, or on sheets with 10 business cards pre-scored, ready to break apart. The sheets are slightly more expensive because they are precisely cut with a die cutter. The loose cut pieces are available in 15, 20, and 30 mil thicknesses. The thicker the magnet the stronger it is.

Business Card MagnetsEasily transform your business cards into magnets!  These are great for fridge reminders!  Print your personalized logo, peel adhesive the off, and affix your custom design. 

3.5" x 2" standard size.  15 mil, 20 mil, or 30 mil available. Quantities start as low as 100.